Location - Free Flow MX Park
5380 Old Hwy 2, Belleville, ON K0K 3A0

Date: October 17, 2020

Start Time: 9:00AM

Check-in Time: 8:00AM

Event Details

Registration is now closed.


Wheel to wheel racing with staggered offset start. Each team will run a qualifying lap to determine start order – start order will be fastest qualifying time first and descending from there.

Each driver must complete a specific number of laps designated for their class. Finish order will be determined by the time it takes to complete total laps. In the event, you don’t complete all laps of the race, the total number of laps you have completed at the time of curfew will determine your finish order.

Stock and Modified will race together.  Your start order will be determined by your qualifying times as a whole group. Your finish position will be determined by class.

Stock and modified will run 12 laps with a 1 hour curfew. If competitors have not finished their 12 laps within the curfew, their last completed lap will be their final lap count to determine finishing position.

Unlimited will race to 25 laps with a 2 hour curfew. If competitors have not finished their 25 laps within the curfew, their last completed lap will be their final lap count to determine finishing position.

*There is no corrected time – timer starts when the first vehicle is live. Qualify well to get the best start position.

*If you fail to attempt a qualifying lap, you will be assessed a 1 lap penalty for Stock and Modified and a 2 lap penalty for Unlimited.


Click map to enlarge.



Registration 8:00AM   Please have required waivers and payment ready when staging for parade lap
Parade Laps 9:00AM – 9:20AM (all classes) we will do two laps of the race course followed by one lap of the qualifying course
Open Qualifying   9:20AM – 11:15AM (all classes)
Stock/Modified 12:00PM – 1:00PM
Unlimited   2:00PM – 4:00PM

Please line up at the track entrance area 20 minutes before your scheduled start time – refer to map. Be prepared to parade to start area 10 minutes before your race. Racers will be sent out 1 at a time at equal intervals.

*If you are not ready to parade to start area, you will be moved to the back of the start grid.

*Qualifying will be done on a first come first serve basis. Entry fee and waiver forms must be in prior to qualifying. Once waivers are confirmed you may proceed to do your qualifying lap.

*Parade laps will be a quick drive around the course as a group so drivers can familiarize themselves with the route.


The start order will be determined based on your qualifying time.

We will have an open qualifying for this race which will begin right after the parade laps. Open qualifying means after you complete a qualifying lap, you can line up to run another qualifying lap as long as qualifying is open.

The last qualifying run will go out at 11:15AM.

Your best time will be used to determine the start order. If you do not run a qualifying lap, you will start at the back of your field. Qualifying will be done on a first come, first serve basis.

Final start orders will be posted by the track entrance.

*You must hand in payments and waivers before qualifying!
*Tech must be completed before qualifying!


$200 per vehicle class entry

Race participants (drivers/co-drivers), must be at least 16 years old. Participants under the age of 18 must fill out (along with their parent/guardian) the part of the waiver (previously emailed) highlighted in green. Participants over 18 must fill out the part of waiver (previously emailed) highlighted in yellow. Failure by all participants to fill out the waiver will result in the participant NOT racing.

Please hand in exact race fees (change will NOT be available) in a sealed envelope with your names/race team/vehicle number on the envelope. Along side the envelope, please hand in loose waivers and self tech form so we can confirm all participants. Entry fee and waiver forms will be collected at check point one prior to qualifying. Once Waivers are confirmed, you will proceed to check point two to do your qualifying lap.

If you do NOT hand in waivers or money prior to qualifying, you will be asked to leave the line up and come back with waivers and payment.


Please find Bill McGibbon on the evening of Friday October 16th in the Greasy Clown Motorsports pit or Saturday morning before your race. You must pass tech in order to race.

*If you received a Conditional Pass (yellow tag) at the last race – you will need to fix the outstanding tech issue and receive a green tag in order to participate in this race.

If your conditional pass was due to a missing number plate/shark fin, you WILL be able to race without it but be aware, it is in your best interest in having a shark fin as this is the easiest number plate for lap counters to identify your vehicle – lack of number plate may result in miscount of laps.


Only tools/fuel/tires/etc. are allowed to be left at your pit. You MUST have your pit set up by 9:00am race day.
All pits to be set up north of the drainage culvert which can be identified by the unkept grass surrounding it.

No pit crew members allowed. Only driver/co-driver/other participants are allowed to work on your race vehicle during the race. A participant is classified as anyone leaving the start line in a vehicle for that particular race or recovery crew.

If you are caught using outside help you will be assessed a 2 lap penalty. Maximum speed while in pit area is 5KM/H

There will be a flagman at the end of pit lane to safely guide you back on course. You must wait for him to give you the green flag before proceeding on course. Failure to follow flagman’s signal will result in 1 lap penalty.

*Refer to map for pit area.


Green – go
Yellow – CAUTION. Slow down. No passing!
Red – stop until further instructed
Black – exit course for safety violation or other
White – final lap
Checkers – race is over. Safely exit the course and return to your campsite
Flag stations will be set up around the course with checkered and white flag only at the start/finish area.


Absolutely no nerfing or bumping other vehicles.

If you are caught by a faster car please pull over when safe to do so and allow them to pass.

If you break down do your best to get off course so others may get around you.


There is no drivers meeting. All race information will be sent to drivers via email.


No spectators allowed outside of racers and their immediate family.


Please maintain a 2M distance from everyone when possible. Do not congregate.

MOST IMPORTANTLY – we are racing to have fun! See rule #155!


Please contact Free Flow MX Park directly to book your camp site.

Why are stock & mod racing together?
Stock and modified are racing together because days are getting shorter and we want to make sure racing is finished in daylight.  By combining the two smaller classes, this also let’s us run a longer open qualifier which people can in turn use as a test & tune.

How will stock & mod be scored?
The start order will be fastest qualifying time no matter what class you’re in. The race results will then be separated by class so there will be separate stock and modified finish standings. It is in your best interest to qualify better so you have less vehicles to try and pass to keep up with your class.

Why are we running less laps with the same curfew as the Free Flow 40?
The course for Fall Brawl is 50% longer than the course for Free Flow 40. We will also be utilizing the north end of the property which was not used for FF40.