Location - Ray’s Place

Date: July 11, 2020

Start Time: 10:00AM

Check-in Time: 8:00AM

Event Details


Wheel to wheel racing with staggered start.  Scoring is most laps completed within 1 hour for stock/modified or 2 hours for unlimited, corrected time. This means if you started 30 seconds after the first vehicle, you have until 60 minutes 30 seconds after initial flag drop to complete your last lap. Only full laps will be counted to your lap total.


Registration 8:00AM

Modified 10:00AM – 11:00AM

Stock 12:30PM – 1:30PM

Unlimited 3:00PM – 5:00PM

Please line up in Competitor Staging Area 30 minutes before your scheduled start time – refer to map. Be prepared to parade to start area 15 minutes before your race. Racers will be sent out 1 at a time at equal intervals.


You will find a jpeg of the map attached to this email.


The start order was drawn at random. Please line up in correct order when staging for your race.

Stock Class

Start Order VehicleNumber Driver Name
1 3093 Randy Shepherd
2 3613 Sharon Sauer
3 23 Troy Lewis 
4 6 Zach Mackinnon
5 15 Jack Dale
6 1970 Amanda Brackett

Modified Class

Start Order VehicleNumber Driver Name
1 9 Jake McGibbon
2 5 Tom Van Schaik
3 14 Ken Montgomery
4 374 Steven Donovan
5 8690 Kim Cooper
6 707 Brian Cain

Unlimited Class

Start Order Vehicle Number Driver Name
1 2 Dustin Harford 
2 328 Mat Noualy
3 496 Tim Dallner
4 902 Derek Starr
5 1 Peter Evans
6 477 Mike Gray
7 438 Glenn Page
8 3 Adam Bullock
9 16 Karl Knack
10 867 Mike Rogers 
11 1005 Mark Bachman
12 57 Pete Hamann
13 462 Marek Smid
14 463 Jean-philippe Morin 
15 461 Bill Mcgibbon 


Advanced tech inspection is now closed. Please find Joel Demeyre on the evening of Friday July 10th in the Greasy Clown Motorsports pit or Saturday morning before your race. You must pass tech in order to race. 


$150 per vehicle class entry

$100 if you passed advanced tech inspection at TMR Customs prior to race

Race participants (drivers/co-drivers), must be at least 16 years old. Participants under the age of 18 must fill out (along with their parent/guardian) the part of the waiver (previously emailed) highlighted in green. Participants over 18 must fill out the part of waiver (previously emailed) highlighted in yellow. Failure by all participants to fill out the waiver will result in the participant NOT racing.  

Please hand in exact race fees (change will NOT be available) in a sealed envelope with your names/race team/vehicle number on the envelope. Along side the envelope, please hand in loose waivers so we can confirm all participants.

If you do NOT hand in waivers or money prior to lining up for your race, you will be asked to leave the line up and be moved to the back of the line.


There are 2 pit locations (SQUATERVILLE/BUNKS). Refer to map for locations.

Only tools/fuel/tires/etc. are allowed to be left at your pit. 

You MUST have your pit set up by 9:00am race day.

No pit crew members allowed. Only driver/co-driver/other participants are allowed to work on your race vehicle during the race. A participant is classified as anyone leaving the start line in a vehicle for that particular race or recovery crew. 

If you are caught using a pit you were not assigned or using outside help, you will be assessed a 2 lap penalty.

Maximum speed while in pit area is 5KM/H

Pit locations were drawn at random and assigned 1 pit per a team. 

TMR Racing
Harfab Racing
Greasy Clown Motorsports
TNA Racing
Northern Force Racing
K5 Racing
Experimental Racing
Buckin’ Bullock
Van Schaik Racing 
Dale Racing


Noualy Motorsports
Karl Knack
Motive Media Offroad
Mike Gray Express
Heinz 57
Bottoms Up
Team Hollywood
HLN Off-Road
Rock Solid Off-Road Racing
Gettin Muddy Offroad
Gear Head Racing


Green – go

Red – stop until further instructed

Black – exit course for safety violation or other

Checkers – race is over. Safely exit the course and return to your campsite

Flags will only be displayed at the start/finish area.


Absolutely no nerfing or bumping other vehicles.

If you are caught by a faster car please pull over when safe to do so and allow them to pass.

If you break down do your best to get off course so others may get around you.


In lieu of driver meeting due to Covid restrictions, all information can be found here.


Due to Covid restrictions there will be no on site awards. Results will be posted on

Prizes will be given out at the next race. If you prefer to collect sooner, contact TMR Customs to make arrangements.


No spectators allowed outside of racers, their immediate family or guests who are camping at Ray’s Place for the weekend.


Please maintain a 2M distance from everyone when possible. Do not congregate.

MOST IMPORTANTLY – we are racing to have fun! See rule #155!